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Research Sites Restoration Ltd

Harwell and Winfrith Sites

Contact details for both Harwell and Winfrith Sites...

Contact us

Winfrith Site

Building 71
Research Sites Restoration Ltd
Winfrith, Newburgh

Switchboard: 01235 820220

Harwell Site

Building 392.10
Research Sites Restoration Ltd
Harwell Oxford
OX11 0DF

Switchboard: 01235 820220

Site announcement line: 0800 169 6306 (information about the status of the site for Site Emergency Organisation purpose)

For media, community, sponsorship or stakeholder liaison enquiries

RSRL Head of Communications

Angela Vincent -

Tel:      01235 435234
Mobile: 07711 592571

RSRL (Winfrith) Communications Manager

Emma Burwood -

Tel:      01305 203107
Mobile: 07770 683006

Human Resources

Including information regarding vacancies

RSRL Human Resources Manager

Sorrel Williams- 

Tel:        01235 435544 or 01305 202316           Mobile: 07720947121


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