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Demolition of Building 552

March 4, 2013

In late February 2013 Harwell’s building 552 was demolished, with the exception of works that are progressing to remove the base slab during March. Constructed for the Materials Development Division during the early 1960's, the building consisted of an office block and a laboratory suite that was later extended.

The building as a whole was constructed to serve as an Advanced Ceramics facility to take on work from other facilities on site involving the use of both radiological materials in various low level radioactive R&D research projects. By 1985 the building was described as hosting the Materials Engineering Centre and Uranium Ceramics research of MDD.

In the 1990's with the move towards more commercial work at Harwell the building was used for research into advanced coatings, applied electrochemistry, electrical ceramics and development of research into lithium batteries. Under the Surface Science and Technology Department work was being undertaken into advanced coatings, thermal spraying and solid state and surface chemistry. This work continued under the newly formed AEA Technology plc until 1999. After this period the building was used by the Harwell Decommissioning and Remediation Departments and administration services.

It was during the early 2000s that decommissioning of the former laboratory was undertaken and 2006 the Laboratory Block was demolished.
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